What is a Camp Kaskitowa Member?

A Camp Kaskitowa Member is an individual or organization who joins the association in order to help provide and maintain the facilities operated by Camp Kaskitowa. It is the members that make possible the upkeep and improvements to the facilities and grounds of Camp Kaskitowa.


What are the qualifications of becoming a Member?

An individual member must meet the following three qualifications:

  1. Agree with the Camp Kaskitowa Statement of Faith
  2. Have a vital interest in the salvation of young people
  3. Faithfully attend a Bible-believing church.
    An organizational member must meet the first two qualifications listed above.


What are the benefits of being a Member?

There are four benefits of being a member of Camp Kaskitowa.

  1. Members become partners in the ministry and receive the opportunity to change lives for the sake of Jesus Christ.
  2. Members receive regular updates from the board of directors and camp staff. This includes quarterly letters and annual reports.
  3. Any individual member or a representative of an organizational member is eligible to serve on the CCA board of directors.
  4. Members receive a 10% discount if renting facilities from the CCA.


What are the Membership Fees?

Annual Individual Membership fee: $25

Annual Organization Membership fee: $50

Lifetime Individual Membership fee: $500


How do I become a member?

Please send a note with the following information:

  1. Your name or the name of your organization
  2. Address
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Email address (if available)
  5. Membership fee - make checks payable to “Camp Kaskitowa” Mail to:

Camp Kaskitowa Membership

3799 108th Ave.

Allegan, MI 49010


Rental Information

If you have your own group and would like to rent the camp contact:


Don Cochrane

Camp Director

262 4 CAMPK 1